1st Heyford Park Scout Group

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1st Heyford Park Explorers


Explorer Scouts are 14-18 years old and belong to an Explorer Scout Unit. Training and activities depend on the interests of individual Unit members. The Explorer Scout Unit is primarily leader led, but with as much participation in decision making by young people as possible.

Units are encouraged to organise their structure in the way that best suits their local situation. Explorer Scouts are organised on a Scout District basis and there could be one or more Units in a town. There is wider scope for activities like offshore sailing, campaigning, parascending, and mountaineering and canoe expeditions.

1st Heyford Park does not currently have its own Explorer unit. However there are currently active Explorer Scout Units at the following locations:

  • Tackley Explorer Scout Unit (many members come from Malborough School)
  • Bicester – 3 Explorer Scout Units – (BAD, 1st Southwold and 7th Bicester)
  • Bodicote – Kingsfield Explorer Scout Unit (many members come from Warriner School)

If you are interested in joining the adventure and finding out more then please contact info@heyfordparkscouts.org.uk and we will put you in touch with your nearest Explorer unit.

Alternatively, if you want to find out some more information on what Explorers get up to then please visit the Offical Scouts Website.